CAR AND DRIVER – Pininfarina to Design Startup’s 1000-HP Hercules Alpha Electric Pickup

Detroit EV startup Hercules has signed a long-term agreement with the Italian design powerhouse, and the early sketch looks very promising.

  • The Detroit-based EV startup Hercules has signed Pininfarina to design its upcoming battery-electric pickup.
  • Hercules Electric Vehicles says the Alpha pickup will be available in 2022.
  • The company also says that the four-motor-equipped Alpha pickup will make up to 1000 horsepower.

There is a lot of buzz around electric pickups following Ford’s F-150 Lightning reveal, and the tumultuous news coming out of the Lordstown Motors camp. That means there’s even more attention on the EV space and the younger EV startups like Hercules Electric Vehicles. Well, this young, Detroit-based prospective EV maker has penned a deal with the Italian design powerhouse Pininfarina to design an electric pickup truck.