Who We Are

Hercules Electric Vehicles was founded in Detroit on December 26, 2018 by James Breyer. James founded Hercules with a vision to bring luxury eco-utility products to market, starting with an electric pick-up truck, and followed by other exciting electric mobility products. He wanted to do this in the most efficient way possible, ensuring the company stays true to it’s principles of environmental, social, and financial responsibility. He was joined in 2019 by experienced automotive leaders, Greg Weber and Julie Tolley, as co-founders in the mission to bring Hercules EVs to reality.

Our approach is different, we intend to use existing industrial capacity wherever possible, paired with a modular design and assembly approach. This allows Hercules to bring eco-utility vehicles to market faster and with higher levels of personalization and craftsmanship. It also means we don’t have to add redundant manufacturing capacity where it isn’t needed.

This approach to modular, lean manufacturing means our vehicles are not only eco-friendly, our manufacturing is too. We’re also focused on providing the most luxurious experience available in the market, while providing supercar-like performance, whether on-road or off-road. We want to create an electric vehicle you love to drive, but that can also do the work you need. It’s a fully connected vehicle experience with both the passenger and driver in mind. The Hercules electric platform is powerful enough for you to take your tools and toys with you, wherever you’d like to go.

We’re a passionate team, with over 100-years combined experience in the automotive industry, committed to bringing luxury eco-utility vehicles to market. Hercules is rugged luxury.

Meet Our Team

Greg Weber, Co-Founder, CTO

  • Results-oriented, visionary leader with a proven track record of bringing concepts to production
  • More than 22 patents
  • Innovated and directed global operations, from concept through implementation
  • Launched Pacifica PHEV and Ford/FCA 48V MHEV battery programs

James Breyer, Founder & CEO

  • People-oriented, technology visionary
  • CTO XL Fleet Electrification
  • Launched Volt & Spark EV
  • Launched the Fuel-cell Focus at Ford Research
  • Director of Advanced Engineering and New Technologies in Electrification, V2X, ADAS & autonomous  technologies

Julie Tolley, Co-Founder, CSO

  • Cross-functional experience in operations, P&L, strategy, and product development and launch
  • VP of Product Strategy at Gentherm
  • VP Endurant Transmission at Eaton