Introducing the Hercules Alpha

A bold new way to be unapologetically you

A clean-energy pickup with more custom options than any other on the market, the Alpha gives you the
most enviable way to be seen being green. Every detail, from material and accents, to trim and
accessories, are custom-tailored to express your distinct personality.


Infotainment System

Digital Entertainment Hub with a one-of-a-kind passenger screen allows for connections to run independently of the main infotainment system.

Solar Tonneau Cover

Standard on every Alpha, the exclusive solar tonneau cover harnesses enough power from the sun to fuel most daily commutes. Intelligently designed and efficiency focused, this cover generates 1.2kW – the equivalent of an impressive 19-mile range.

Intelligent Light Weighting

High-strength, carbon-composite materials throughout the hood, body panels, and wheels lends equal weight to safety and performance.

8kwh AC Invertor

A Mobile micro-grid with 8-kilowatt hour capability; Power a 60” LED TV for nearly 48 hours, or a full-size refrigerator for up to four days. This endurance-inspired invertor can even power the entire campsite for an all-night dance party.



Unleash full performance with up to 1,000 horsepower on select motor configurations.

Multiple Powertrain Solutions

Multiple motor and battery configurations deliver a choice in power and range for precision pairing with lifestyle and driving preference.


Experience sportier handling with up to 800 ft-lb of torque on available motor configurations.

4-Wheel Torque Vectoring

Racetrack-like performance for your everyday drive, athletic power is instantly transferred to the wheels for exceptional handling. The Alpha system monitors vehicle and wheel speed, gear position, steering angle, yaw rate, lateral G forces and other inputs to automatically add torque to the outside rear wheel for more responsive cornering.


Performance Tune-ability

Personalized performance, not set defined modes, delivers enhanced versatility that anticipates your moves.

Custom Interior

Personalized interiors designed by you, for you, with thousands of options to choose from; the Alpha allows for one-of-a-kind vehicle creation and unmatched custom tailoring. Vegan and natural interiors are available, along with the most unique decorative trim on the market.

Exquisite Styling by Pininfarina

Acclaimed styling by Italy’s most revered auto-design house, the Alpha boasts a modern structure that’s as prepared for the future as it is attractive.

Additional Unique Convenience Features to be Revealed Soon!

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