Don’t just watch, join the electric vehicle revolution.

Hercules Electric Vehicles came to market in 2018 with a vision to revolutionize the vehicle mass production process by creating integrated modular components, while expanding consumer customization capabilities.  

Uniquely positioned to facilitate high-energy, organic growth, we now invite you to be a part of the team! Whether you’re imagining a cleaner-energy future or looking to connect to more innovative technology, our uncommon approach to both is well-suited for investors like you. Our progressive business model allows for higher margins on fewer vehicles, meaning early profitability and nimble, real-world returns.  

Available in 2022, the all-electric Hercules Alpha pickup truck will be the first rugged luxury pickup to offer powertrain configurations with more than 1,000 HP through a torque-vectoring, four-motor drive system. The motors provide independent torque control for amazing stability and ultimate high-performance. With styling from world-renowned Pininfarina, the Hercules Alpha will offer a previously unapproached range of options for personalization, including fully customized interiors with numerous on-trend options.

Luxury Eco-Utility that Outpaces the Competition

Platform Transferability
Modular powertrain technology that’s transferable to other platforms with negligible additional development costs.
Custom Configurations & Personalized Styling
Lean manufacturing process and demand-based sales approach allow for greater personalization and customization than any pickup on the market.
Purposeful Technology
Solar power, solid-state batteries, and composite materials enhance performance and elevate the driving experience.
Designed for Margin
Process, content, configuration, and positioning enable a demand-based sales approach and allow for the optimal mix of margin and volume.
Demonstrated Commercial Viability
Utilization of existing supply chains and serial-produced components facilitate efficient development.

Individual Investors

Hercules Electronic Vehicles focuses our energy and resources on a modular, technology-based business model. Our strategic process can be easily transferred across synergistic industries, where multiple streams of revenue across a variety of mobility platforms generate significant value for our shareholders and stakeholders alike. This is why we:

  • Target the growing luxury utility/pickup truck market with over 3M sales in 2019
    • Large pickup averaged 7.1% yearly growth over the last 10 years
    • Large utility and large luxury utility averaged 4.5% and 6.8% yearly growth since 2010
  • Commit to timeline that puts vehicles in the market ahead of most competitors
  • Utilize existing manufacturing facilities for high-quality productions
  • Operate off business model that allows for higher margins on vehicles 
  • Establish long-term agreements to reduce costs across supply chain

E-mail: for more information.

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors wishing to invest outside of the Regular Crowd Funding structure should contact CMD Global Partners. The lead investment banker is John Balfe, Managing Director at  CMD Global Partners is the sole investment banking advisor on this transaction.

Don’t just watch, join the electric vehicle revolution.